Monday, June 27, 2011

Prada Press Release

Prada uses teenagers to efficiently exemplify the vision held by directors in relation to their latest campaign and AW11 collection where they execute a playful appeal with the use of mermaid scales “blend with natural ease and precision.” “It’s a dressing room of contemporary desire disguised as a playroom of childhood dreams.” Awwww

(Image: Prada)

Men’s fashion week

I applaud the convicted statement established by Mugler’s haute design. Men too, deserve the opportunity to play on the humane necessity of creative outlets. .. For the sake of doing so as well as the virtue expressed by the quote “a dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off” in specific relevance to men. Right?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art makes no excuses

It is innovative and convicted in its right to initiate growth within the perspective realms of a social standing. New school has name…


Bold hues

You should know that rules concerning style and wearing pieces or colours together are no longer relevant.

(Via FGR)

Sunshine in dark places

‘Honey, it feels like I’ve forgotten something. My bag perhaps? And why are you giving me that obscured look?”

“I am pretending to pat the dog we do not own.”

“honey this time I promise the breeze blew my towel away.”

I’m imagining all of this in effort to enlighten the load of creative maturity evident in the frames. How fun.

(Via FGR)

What makes it real?

Who gets to decide whether truths are authentic and pure in intention? Individual perception or predetermined influences our perceptions often fail to recognise? All I know is that it gets easier to make sense of it all with my eyes closed.

Friday, June 17, 2011

High ends

Alex Box Make Up Paris Fashion Week, Gareth Pugh Show.


A brand established by the innovative @Vuittots (on twitter) is handling its own and keeping an eager market excited with new ventures.

The most recent being the crafting of a miniature collection of leggings for the female half of the audience the brand wishes to appeal to. The creator, head designer, creative director, etc. @Vuittots has proven competent in his youthful and modern culture influenced designs inspired by the thumbnail of this blog :).

More images on his tumblr: galxboy

stunner sunnies

You’d be crazy not to love at least one of these Karen Walker sun glasses. So timeless. So wow. Wow.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did you share a friendly expression today?

I will be 19 years old as of midnight Monday morning. When I will be forced to choose between a spree and that heaven approved SLR (camera). My lust list includes a dozen pairs of exclusive platform heels, shelves of books, a spar day and a capable wish to make those Cinderella inspired dreams a permanent reality. More smiles too, on your part… count down with me?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vogue Italia (plus cover)

Plus size models Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley aid a very elite version of one the most recognised fashion publications in the world remove the vague expectations of traditional beauty. All I have to say is: (imagine a pause)…where is Vogue South Africa? (Smiles). And that Vogue Italia is a respected platform that continuously voices issues in regard to social awareness and taboo topics all thanks to the reigning editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani. Using visual connotations, interpretations and humour to communicate worthy ideas in the way any mass media product should be able to. Also playing on the influential appeal of fashion.

(Image: fashion gone rouge)

Arty party


Cover story

I appreciate innovative minds and the creators of the new age magazines have it for them. The styling is beyond me, beyond words. It could only take a face recognised with bold esteem to pull it off.

(Image: fashion gone rogue)

Half ripe wedges

What would you call them? I know what my mother would… casuals. You know? The sorts of shoes you do everyday activities in. The woman recognises a pair with the significance of a pair of optimally engineered breaths. It’s probably because wedges are the most comfortable heeled shoes, with a humble persistence that evokes one to overlook their hydraulic effects.

(Image: little plastic horses)

Texture tricks

Editorial inspiration: how to implement a bold yet appropriate look.

(Images: fashion gone rouge)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Marc Jacobs

The winner of CFDAs (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Lifetime Achievement Award, Marc Jacobs, in make-up from Francois Nars Portrait book.

Lady gaga at the CFDAs

She took the Fashion icon award...

(images from twitter and formichetti’s tumblr)

Model behaviour #3: the door to one’s souls

The eye. Play with it, you owe it to yourself to explore the gift of expression and virtues of charm and spontaneity. Be silly cool about it. Woooo*


New York Fashion Week for the great masses?

Kickstarter puts a project in place that aims at opening NYFW to the public. Allowing emerging designers to showcase and sell at the next Fashion Week. The project will nudge designers to host affordable shows and open more runway shows to everyday people for the first time. Kickstarter will be used as a platform to raise funds responsible for making people friendly shows a reality. Selected designers will be provided with space, models and necessary logistics help. Space will also have dual purpose, as it will act as a storefront during the day for the public to purchase items straight off the runway.

Any South African should be able to recognise the fact that we have been ahead of the pack. AfI has made it possible for all the above to occur during our fashion weeks for a few years already. Proud moment?! 

Vogue international

Prestige vs sex is how I see it. Having the awareness of the different cultures each cover is tailored too of cause… both gain an esteemed appeal. Which cover does it for you?

"dreaming is believing"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

between space

An odd number of intimate (close up) shots to tease the photography lovers. You too are accounted for. A mastery of the art is on my bucket list. Feast away :P

the anology: fashion publications

I’m a proud collector of all sorts of publications, fashion magazines (Glamour, ELLE and Marie Claire) being at the top of my list. I believe it to be more than a hobby and less than an obsession. Ritual is probably more fitting to hold the responsibility of describing “it “. Having dedicated intervals of time and shares of well-earned money for three years on magazines I feel the duty to criticize them in comparison to one another.

Yes, they are all magazines established on the same foundation, fashion, but each publication has unique values to specific attributes that set it apart from the rest… like different houses built with identical solid foundations. Every magazine has different teams and directors thus different goals and content that appeal to a specific woman. A calculated and very accurate sum of the content in each issue is available on the side of the magazine, the catch phrase. Glamour SA’s catch phrase goes like this: “fits your handbag, fits your handbag” suggesting a convenience for the busy, living large woman. Glamour specifies with upscale living, local red carpet events, fun quizzes, guilt nudging advice and male perspectives on everything affecting our human lives.

ELLE SA’s catch phrase: “the world’s biggest selling fashion magazine”. ELLE’s content is far from contradictory, as it elaborates on the two concepts assumed from the phrase, fashion and exclusivity. The magazine hosts a range of the most elite and expensive pieces from designers, having almost doubled the amount of editorials Glamour has. Ready-to-wear, Avant-garde and even street style concepts are developed throughout the pages to inspire and educate the self-assured and daring woman. ELLE features are often concerning opinions on modern issues and travel reports.

Marie Claire SA’s catch phrase: “think smart look amazing”. This publication is a hand full of good reads, and I love it. Interesting facts and reports are featured, with subjects ranging from politic, technology, global awareness, real life experiences, debates as well as sex in relation to intimacy… eliminating the precept of measuring beauty by means of comparing physical attributes alone.

Let’s remember that all the mentioned magazines cover a great deal of fashion and beauty. Everything said is an attempt to familiarise you with the unique contributions each bring to the world of publications.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Josh Goot

The collection seems to a product of the sustained intention of lines and structure to compliment the female body… Concentrated with statement pieces and obnoxious colours. I appreciate his dare to scream a sign of whimsical consciousness.

fly with me: Fashion Forecast

Feathers are a new lust have. There is an opulent presence held by each single element of the collection conjuring an expression with equal relevance to that containing a subject and transitive verb.

we like our men manly

A scatter of trends appropriate for the man who chooses to recognize himself with beyond ordinary style on a contradicting day.