Friday, July 2, 2010

A few months ago I opt to read my first biography, of Coco Chanel, written by the prominently talented Axel Madsen. Not only did the book contribute to my Little knowledge of the French Revolution and the two world wars. It expressed mademoiselle Chanel's endemic opinion on EVERYTHING. Besides a few hundred words, I've also learnt plenty from the extraordinary woman...
Like that 1) "your character is who you are when you are alone"
              2) Dress hems should be cut longer at the back
              3) A fashion is for the masses
              4) Love overcomes us all, because "a woman that is not loved is a woman lost"

A convicted Gabrielle "coco" Chanel, whose initial fortunes were those of men, became associated with greats like Picasso. Her brilliance grew a huge empire contributing novel seasons that created comfort for women now resulting to grieve after the second world war.... expectations (things every woman should have like the LBD) and excuses, when making bogus jewellery more fashionable than the real thing, for the now financially deprived masses during the depression.

She created an ageless sense of subtleness in style " her name is enough to define a pair of shoes".

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