Thursday, March 24, 2011

you hairpy?

Two years ten months. How long I've had the same hairstyle. I need some sort of inspiration. The relatively original kind.


Oh My Word! Can you believe that I actually saw a fur tail in a taxi? Siyaya dude. I'm in Pretoria's CBD with my mother who is getting her hair done. She sends me to buy something I don't remember at the nearest clicks. I'm walking. I'm walkng. I'm surveying my surroundings. I'm noticing an odd object. This odd object is in a taxi. In a cream resembling color, complimented by a sliver dust. I swear I saw it! I pause. I alarm a middle aged Caucasian woman appearing from behind me. I stop to properly observe it. WoW!

I regret not taking a picture.

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aim higher

Back in high school I had a superior who's shoes suggested an outdated perspective on style. Notorious for her horrid shoes. 90's "spice girls" to the T. Eu* but they were wrong! In many ways at that. Anyway, anybody who's lived long enough realizes that trends never stay away for long. Never in the same way thou (take note). Thick heeled and soled shoes are currently on my lust list... But mam, I'll shed a few, Rands, in your behalf if you burn those things.

I only wish I could parade in these daily.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

where's gaga?

They speak for them self.

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rear end

Everyone should look good from this angle. I'm not saying this because I'm attracted to the parted piece of muscle and fat below it* (the back), but because its strength is admirable.

I'm not just anybody

My improved communication competence (one of my majors by the way) has enabled me to successfully negotiate the purchase of a top notch camera, tripod, the works. All that thing that would allow me to post a series called "digital diary". It also helps that my brother recently set up my scanner/printer thing. I'll soon be adhering to the first two thirds of the blog's name. My style. Posting pictures of outfits worn, shop lists, events attended... All things appealing. I'm overwhelmed with excitement. More so to post D.I.Y. Tutorials on how to get the fly* nails I'm always rocking ;). Cheers to that?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

daring is doing

If you didn't know, more than a hand full of individuals, agencies, fashion houses are handsomely paid to forecast future (as in 18 months in advance) colours, trends, whatever. Cut throat, competitive, calculated field. History. Politics and even zeitgeist (the spirit of the time) and other factors that contribute in its esteem play a role. Impressionable youth and artists of all respects are probably the forerunners in terms of regulating the probability of any trend happening. Thus extensively attended to. What they (we) eat, participate in and appreciate.

The industry thrives on the persistence of sweat stained thumbs due to the, ironically, unpredictably reality.

Th pacing industry is overwhelmed with inspiration babed by self assured individuals assuming the spirit of the romantic (expressive) movement. Daring their artistic opinions as truths...

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Anthony Bonso

Fellows, beware...

The future is here. No. thats too corny. Tomorrow today? Yes. :). I will be sure to update you on his latest creations. Innovative men's wear on the rise.

not so pale shades of grey

Black is BEAUTIFUL. Endemic in its morality.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

His and Hers

Unisex attire and it's vogue in winter fascinates me. I feel that the concept broadens our (women) perspective while narrowing that of men. If you are going to rout for the "masculine feminine" trend, because it is often convenient, you you should only be caught in... Boyfriend jeans (to pride of the fact that you have one or to deceive yourself into thinking so); trousers (to accommodate comfort or personal preference); hats (because we love them) or anything else appealing and celebratory of the female body.

Here are a few images of fitted design inspired by masculinity.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sihouette parade, this winter

Don't you just love winter? You should. The cuddles. The food. The enthusiastically warm layers. Considering current trends I'm slowly growing eager for its arrival. To flaunt the suggested intimacy of socks through thw windows of strap resembled platfroms.

To reveal the concord of unrelated textures and textiles and quantifiable contours and hems.

Capital H I M

I should mention that, my friend, Dylan's hat inspired the next post.

Monday, March 14, 2011

strapped bare

Im looking forward to mastering a study unit on creativity vs intelligence from my
first semester psychology module. My initial perception of it all goes like this... Imagination is one of many abstract realities that enlighten our lives, you ability to use this effeciently distiguishes you from average.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

paw your way into it

If you've held witness to any of my personal ensembles you'd have recognized my love for print. After several seasons this trend is still in international rein, encouraging the concept of self-expression via the very effective medium of graphics. Be it floral, asymmetric or originally designed textiles like the new trend initiated by Cavalli where designers create their own "animal" inspired prints. Print celebrates the modern ideology of liberty and heritage by accommodating tribal prints in previous seasons. Print eliminates the rules. Multiple textile/print outfits are a current rage. The issue of healthy self-awareness and confidence comes to play as well as good old fashioned Style. Although I'm pretty sure that the phenomenon of you reading my blog affirms the last part of the prior sentence. I personally shy away from animal prints because of the "sheep" feeling I often experience in the event hat I wear such a print, due to the trend's over-exposure. "Style is the best way to sort of say who you are without having to speak" Rachel Zoe. Individualism is the idea.

via Vogue australia, Vogue China and what is reality anyway