Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unconventional strut

I do these on a regular. Yes. Super hero moves ;) (for my twitter friends)... On another note, the position does its job by directing attention to key pieces and playing on the wimp aspect of fashion.

Doc rebellion

Their thick heels states a rebellion from the rugged, rough connotations of their ancestors, the doc. Revealing a more relevant interpretation, for the modern woman. I prefer them with platforms.

I'd pair the second pair with a plum lip. The first with a subtle nude, although, without the lime lace.. the possibility of an orange stained lip would pass. And I'm convinced third pair would be an enthusiastic host to a wine red lip.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

paradox in NAAG magazine

I love the cleanliness of the styling and the bare conviction of this editorial. Simply removing the unnecessary effort of complimenting key pieces by striping model yet consciously suggesting sensual prestige to reinforce a sense of glamour.

I'm still saving up for those cat eye sunglasses that look identical Tom Ford's. Love

Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rouge

Vogue Russia

It is beyond words. This editorial. I would commit myself to the feeling it brings to me if they weren't overwhelming. It feeds a traffic of emotions that I'm afraid to admit. All surreal.

Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Friday, May 20, 2011

you thought you'd clipped my wings

Tame is the pursuit of perfection. Like the unkempt will to conform the faux imitating personality of this coat brews excitement.

And I'm trying to understand why this picture brings a warmth to my heart [Dot] [Dot] [Dot] I perceived a bird like quality from all three pictures.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What color is your sky?


Can you Handle it?

"Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It merely suggests." Tweeted Karl Largerfeld... "Fashion does not have to prove that it is serious. It is the proof that intelligent frivolity can be something creative and positive." I though I'd add these tweets (because it would be selfish of me to do otherwise) to this specific post. It just seems fitting. As it thrusts on hand accessories.. And we tweet with our fingers which are on our hands. And because I'm allowed to be qwerky like that :). By the way, I'll be getting myself one of these before the month's over. The handle bag. Its pixie cute, don't you think? A vain, rich and proud female relative of the briefcase.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

almost snow

Genuine. Innocent. Effortless. The first few words I associate with the color white or any shade almost related.

Pictures courtesy of Little Plastic Horses and Style Bubble

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YSL Documentary "Real artists transform their times," _Pierre Bargé

After the death of Pierre Bargé's partner Yves Saint Laurent***, Pierre Bargé set off on the mission to create a film about the intimate realities of their love story, illustrations of their art collections and business partnership. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has been showing since May thirteenth in NYC. It will be showing in Los Angeles on May twentieth.

Pictures courtesy of Little Plastic Horses and Simply Seductive

Monday, May 16, 2011

fashion forward

Capes have migrated from international catwalks to the closets of stylish elites. It's your turn. Share the consciousness of effortless chick as tailored work frames your bust. Reunite your present self with the memory of elementary optimism experienced when tales read from the palms of those able had happy endings.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lace it

Don't let them lie to you. Shorts this A/W are a must! Pair nude/colored stockings or knee high socks/boots.

Via studded hearts

DIY: nails

To get the bold leopard nails you'll first need to prep nails. Gently file to shorten and shape. Then put on a base coat to smooth the nail surface. Then add two thin coats of color, it doesn't have to be pink, and wait for the nail polish to dry. You can then use an ear bud to make little spots with a darker color (whichever you want the spots to be in). Do this slowly to get the best results. For precise detailing you can use either a new ear bud where you would need to mold the cotton so that it gives smaller strokes or a toothpick. Carefully use black nail polish to contour the darker dots so that it looks like the picture above. After drying, you have the option to apply a top coat to keep the color from chipping.

Lust List: Prada

We all want one, don't we? It isn't sexist, too conservative or hinged by the exclamation of a camera's flash.


A few of the latest styles and innovations from Australian Fashion Week. Where prints nudge their way to live textures. Where pleats assume the persistence of soft ripples. Where cut outs and bold colors shy from explicit sexuality. Where the meaning of accessories is supplemented by both liberty and the extensive arm of creativity.

model behavior #2

Seeing "a representation of perfection" (model) act anything but is a breath of fresh air. An assumed liberation to that self conscious part of everyone of us. A cautious reminder of the humane nature we inevitably possess.

if shoes could tell stories

via style bubble