Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tacits of unemployment

I don't appreciate the uniform; plain jeans and T. so instead I collaborate a sheer pattern dress having everything from a cuddled lace siluet to a subtle flowery thrill edited together. It being my Velvet chocolate (that guilt pleasure that arouses vanity while kicking your back pocket. With a jersey. Wanton in intention and fitted to critic one of both shoulders. Horizontally striped in a blue and an almost shy grey. My ritual white watch, skeleton earrings and hand me down rope chain (vintage probably sounds better) accessorized the look.

In my Twilight world, I would have paired this with these..

Reality shun a flattery of dirt on My pair of these...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The spirit of things

Here is why i love my country, it is courageous inits convictions.

I witnessed one of, i am sure, many parades expressing the country's excitement in preparation of the Fifa World Cup 2010... EVERY people was accounted for ( Note that the 11 official languages or recognised cultures don't account for everybody calling South Africa home).

I have never felt more proud. In order; was a "megatron" replica of our signature supporter hats. A stuffed animal structured like our national bird. And our national flower to interlude a magnitude of diversity. the Xhosa's, Pedes (representing :)), Vendas, Tswana's (representing again woooh), Boers and even the San and not necessarily native people like the beautiful Asians. many more cultures too. Pantsulas and obnoxious vuvuzelas (they should really add this word to the dictionary) relished the crowd.

Its here !