Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gucci everywhere

Vogue Japan's June issue is graced by Naomi Campbell in Gucci's Fall 2011 show-closing gold dress. Also worn by Beyonce in a past issue of Lofficiel Paris. But seriously, innovation is the name of the game. Its like two ladies wearing the same dress to the same party. Great PR for Gucci, yes. But what sort of damage could that pose to a publication? I'm not saying they are any losers... I'm just saying. Being Vogue I'm sure it will bounce either unaware/concerned due to its status in the established heirachy of fashion media. The point is, do it right. Please? Homework doesn't end in high school. I just hate when an idea (a creative one, at that) is exhausted. The dress is gaspingly beautiful, but we wouldn't want over exposure deteriorating its exclusive image now would we?

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