Monday, April 4, 2011

moral perspective

The criticism of morality in fashion is not a now concept. Fashion and its undeniable influence initiates curiosities concerning its ethical standpoint in creating/promoting norms or standards for young women in relation to body image... concerning the use sexuality in marketing (which is argued to increase physical intimacy out of wedlock by religious groups)... concerning cheap labour, child labour... the right fashion houses/designers have to exploit socio-economic issues for exposure... The use of animal fur for example. But like any art form, fashion too needs justification for expressing and implicating different views on universally recognized topics. "fashion is not moral or immoral, people are" said Millisuthand Bongela (fashion journalist and blogger) in a discussion between the pages of Marie Claire SA's September '10 issue.

The heat of the topic reminds me of Gaetano Navarra's Autumn/Winter 11/12 collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week. Presented in a creep of ominous music that held the authenticity of the late 30's. Effortlessly appealing to every woman. Committing to an initial point of view. Playing on the intimacy of chilled spheres by keeping the collection boldly small. Having tailoring, texture and craftsmanship speak for itself. She sighs an expression of awe.

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