Thursday, March 10, 2011

paw your way into it

If you've held witness to any of my personal ensembles you'd have recognized my love for print. After several seasons this trend is still in international rein, encouraging the concept of self-expression via the very effective medium of graphics. Be it floral, asymmetric or originally designed textiles like the new trend initiated by Cavalli where designers create their own "animal" inspired prints. Print celebrates the modern ideology of liberty and heritage by accommodating tribal prints in previous seasons. Print eliminates the rules. Multiple textile/print outfits are a current rage. The issue of healthy self-awareness and confidence comes to play as well as good old fashioned Style. Although I'm pretty sure that the phenomenon of you reading my blog affirms the last part of the prior sentence. I personally shy away from animal prints because of the "sheep" feeling I often experience in the event hat I wear such a print, due to the trend's over-exposure. "Style is the best way to sort of say who you are without having to speak" Rachel Zoe. Individualism is the idea.

via Vogue australia, Vogue China and what is reality anyway

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