Tuesday, March 22, 2011

daring is doing

If you didn't know, more than a hand full of individuals, agencies, fashion houses are handsomely paid to forecast future (as in 18 months in advance) colours, trends, whatever. Cut throat, competitive, calculated field. History. Politics and even zeitgeist (the spirit of the time) and other factors that contribute in its esteem play a role. Impressionable youth and artists of all respects are probably the forerunners in terms of regulating the probability of any trend happening. Thus extensively attended to. What they (we) eat, participate in and appreciate.

The industry thrives on the persistence of sweat stained thumbs due to the, ironically, unpredictably reality.

Th pacing industry is overwhelmed with inspiration babed by self assured individuals assuming the spirit of the romantic (expressive) movement. Daring their artistic opinions as truths...

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