Thursday, November 24, 2011

My black is beautiful

It’s almost obvious that the print has tribal reference, like the distinction between ethnic people from adversary. And. The presumptuous labelling concerned with distinctions. That dark is dirty, uneducated, and ugly… A dark woman wearing short skirt is a slut. A fair skinned lady in a short shirt is pretty. Especially amongst our own. Just as society moves towards a brighter shade of emancipation ethnics turn almost themselves, revealing the passive conditioning that leaves us in jealousy, self-loath and inherent blueprints.

This post (like all MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL posts) addresses self-love amongst ethnic women. As I try transition from chemically straightened to natural hair (NO< I did not cut my hair tjrrrr) I am bombarded with temptations to stake the easy ‘manageable’ ‘socially deemed’ way. Daily! It’s a mission, like all worthy things. It’s personal. Because confidence is bigger than chemical composition.

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