Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage for dummies

My love for anything vintage is far from implicit… The omnipresent aesthetic of the craftsmanship, enduring quality and exclusive appeal of it all rings a pheromone I’m attracted to, the way some animals are attracted to the scent of mates. Impulse relate to passion. It’s this passion that initiated my enquiry on characteristics that qualify items vintage.
Is Vintage just a fancy synonym for Really Old? Because, I swear pedestrians swing the term like the hand down attire worn on cheery play stations. Stealing the authentic value, exclusivity and esteem from the concept. The truth is, real vintage isn’t ordinary and deserves superiority over the stuff made these days. Let’s consider the value time adds to property, wine and collectables to create perspective. That’s the kind of respect I assume with my beloved vintage.
So I’ve cyphered the conclusion that anything almost as old as I am (19 years old0 or older qualifies. In other words, Really Really old hand-me-downs (kept in presentable condition of course).

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